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PAVS/ AGM 'Re-Imagining Public Services'

Sue Leonard's presentation Doing Things Differently

Helen Murray's presentation PLANED Strengthening Local Communities The Pembrokeshire Experience

Children and Young People (e.g. play, youth provision, skills and training) – Lee Hind, 3rd Sector Children and Young People's Partnership Link Officer

Environmental Services (e.g. grounds maintenance, waste management, beach cleaning, footpaths) –Cara Wilson, Environmental Links Officer

Age Friendly Communities – what do these look like in practice? – Michelle Copeman - 3rd Sector Health and Well Being Faciliator

Designing a Sustainable Local Service Delivery Infrastructure – Sue Leonard, PAVS Chief Officer



Pembrokeshire County Council's Savings Consultation


Pembrokeshire County Council needs to save £50 million over the next four years. That is the stark reality facing the County and it is clear that difficult decisions have to be made.  Further information about the Savings Consultation can be found here.

In October 2014, Pembrokeshire County Council held an initial meeting with representatives from local third sector organisations. The meeting generated an interesting and constructive discussion and proposed a number of imaginative ideas for doing things differently – and doing different things! There was clearly an appetite for turning the discussion about “budget cuts and service reductions” into an opportunity to re-imagine public services based on the assets that we have in the County. A note of the meeting can be found here.

A further meeting between Pembrokeshire County Council and the third sector is being planned for next January.

Welsh Government's Revised Third Sector Scheme 2014

- The review of the Welsh Government's relationship with the Third Sector, and revised Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector

During last year (May to August 2013) the Welsh Government consulted on how the Welsh Government and Third Sector work together. The consultation entitled Continuity & Change asked for views on how the Welsh Government and the Third Sector can work in partnership, especially in light of the current economic climate. It also examined how voluntary and community groups in particular can best be supported in future.

Following the consultation, the Welsh Government revised the 'Third Sector Scheme' which sets out the up-to-date policy framework for the relationship with the Third Sector. The Welsh Government have also included an annex to the Scheme - an updated Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector and this is no longer published separately. The Code of Practice for Funding sets out the key principles that will underpin Welsh Government funding for the Third Sector and what the Government expects from the Third Sector in return.

The Third Sector Scheme, including the Annex on the Code of Practice for Funding the Third Sector can be found here

The Summary of responses to the consultation Contunity and Change can be found here

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