Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning is the name given to the work that a Partnership or organisation undertakes in order to define its direction. Strategic planning will involve decisions about which areas of work to focus on within a given time period as well as taking decisions about the distribution of resources in order to achieve those goals.

Children and Young People

There are three main partnerships managing work with children and young people:


1) Early Intervention and Family Support Steering Group

2) Wellbeing Strategic Group (Health and Education)

3) Supporting Engagement in Education, Employment and Training

These three partnerships all feed into The Children and Families Executive Group. This higher level partnership receives reports from the groups below it and communicates the workplan for these groups. The Children and Families Executive is reposnsible for the delivery of the Children and Youth theme of the Single Integrated Plan. In turn, the Children and Families Executive reports to the Pembrokeshire Local Service Board.

Pembrokeshire Local Service Board is the highest local partnership and is responsible for the delivery of the Single Integrated Plan as a whole. This partnership also has the task of ensuring that local service delivery supports the agenda of the Programme for Government set by Welsh Assembly Government and, that it meets evidenced local need.

More information on these partnerships is available in the Planning Partnerships section.