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Pembrokeshire Single Integrated Plan

The final version of the Pembrokeshire Single Integrated Plan is available on www.pembrokeshirelocalserviceboard.co.uk. 

Paper copies will shortly be available to view at public libraries and other public buildings including County Hall. 

An easy read version will shortly be available on www.pembrokeshirelocalserviceboard.co.uk and www.pembrokeshireyouthzone.co.uk

Paper copies are not generally being made available, although Nicky Edwards 01437 775856 nicky.edwards@pembrokeshire.gov.uk will consider individual circumstances if requests are made.

Copies in alternative languages/formats can be made available on request to Jackie Meskimmon on 01437 776613 or Jackie.meskimmon@pembrokeshire.gov.uk


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 There has been a consultation stage for the draft Single Integrated Plan and replaces the former local delivery agreement. The Local Service Board has produced the Single Integrated Plan.

The Welsh Government has produced guidance called  ‘Shared Purpose- Shared Delivery’ (June 2012) on how the Local Service Boards should plan for the future needs of the local community and what documents are needed to provide evidence for the Single Integrated Plan. More about this can be found here  

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The Role of Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS) in the Local Service Board

Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS) is the County Voluntary Council and is represented at the Local Service Board by Sue Leonard, the Chief Officer. Four officers within PAVS cover four themes and together ensure that the third sector has an effective voice in influencing the priorities and policies identified by the Local Service Board.

Email contacts within PAVS for Pembrokeshire Local Service Board themes are


Michelle Copeman  (3rd Sector Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator)– for Health and Wellbeing 

Lee Hind – (3rd Sector Families First Co-ordinator)  for Children and Young people

Or telephone 01437 769422

Further Information

Local Service Board membership and minutes if all the Local Service Board meetings can be found on the Pembrokeshire County Council website.

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Programme for Government, Welsh Government, 2011 and 2012 progress reports

Shared Purpose – Shared Delivery, Welsh Government, June 2012

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Pembrokeshire Community Plan 2010 - 25, Pembrokeshire County Council, May 2010

Practioners Manual for Public Engagement, Participation Cymru, June 2012